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Leaving for a better future

Tunisia (Shousha camp) – Ethiopian refugee Elias, who was resettled to Australia in March 2012, told me that he had very mixed feelings about his departure. He was very excited about a new life waiting to happen in Australia but sad about leaving behind his friends.

Resettlement is the most viable solutions for most refugees in Shousha camp. At the time of writing (mid-April 2012) more that 2,000 refugees from Shousha have been accepted for resettlement in fifteen different countries and around 1,100 of them have already left the camp for a new life. UNHCR continues engaging resettlement countries to find durable solutions for the remaining refugees in Shousha.

I am always filled with immense joy when refugees leave Shousha camp for resettlement. These departures are the happy-ending and tangible proof that international solidarity is not a void concept.

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