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Kharaz camp

Yemen (Kharaz camp) – The refugees living in Kharaz camp, some 150 km west of the port city of Aden, are amongst the poorest and most vulnerable refugees in Yemen, with a low capacity to secure food, limited labor skills and mostly dependent on humanitarian aid.

Located in a remote and desert region of southern Yemen, with extreme weather conditions, Kharaz camp is far from centers of economic activity and offers little or no income generation opportunities to the refugee population.

Although UNHCR and its partners have made major efforts to improve the living conditions of the 20,000 refugees in Kharaz, mainly Somalis, the camp remains an example of a protracted refugee situation.

I found very diverse and conflicting feelings in Kharaz camp. Unlike the old generations of refugees who mostly put up with the idea of living on humanitarian aid and occasional jobs, the refugee youth hope for a positive change. They are hungry for education and exposure to life outside the camp and the rest of the world. Unlike their parents, they did not lose hope and they are struggling to live their parents’ forgotten dream of a better future.

Let’s give their dreams a chance!

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