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Awaiting a solution in Shousha

Tunisia (Shousha camp) – By mid-May 2011, the vast majority of third-country nationals were repatriated to their countries of origin. However, some 5,000 refugees and asylum seekers remained trapped in limbo in Shousha camp, as they were unable to return to their countries of origin in fear for their lives.

While UNHCR deployed enormous resources to conduct refugee status determination and submit the files of refugees for resettlement consideration to fifteen different countries, Shousha was reorganized to allow refugees to live with dignity until a durable solution was found for them.

It is amazing and encouraging to see how refugees do their best to live a normal life in situations of displacement with high levels of uncertainty about the future and past stories of trauma and survival. While awaiting resettlement in Shousha, refugees have developed their own support networks and many of them have offered their skills to help their communities in the most diverse fields such as education, sports, arts and community representation.

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